It occurred to me that our marital home is still quite bare, as it is there’s barely anything for our would be photographer to capture. Space Monkey will be a good addition to the family, I’m thinking on A’s night table. The width of the table is 51 cm, so I should get the 13″ x 18″ print.

Some other prints that I like too:


This will go nicely on the slab of wall between the dining area and the study.


I’m thinking above the TV.


This too. But I’m not sure how the arrangement will be like above the TV. Should we mount them directly on the wall? Should we mount a thin ledge instead, and then place the prints on the ledge? Decisions, decisions.


Somehow hanging a world map in your home makes you seem more worldly. This goes into the study, of course.


Naked Cakes

This space is in dire need of some pictures. Here are some designs that I quite like; apparently the naked cake design is on trend right now, but a level of skill is required to achieve the desired effect. Some of the designs look as if 1) the chef started off with the intention of fully coating the cake, but ran out of cream towards the end; or 2) the chef forgot to prepare the cream coating, and decided to just leave the layers bare (here I’m just using layman terms; obviously I do not bake).

The classic fully coated cake is fine too I guess. I’m not particular. But flowers are a must(!). And pearl like beadings on the sides are bad. Also is a cake topper necessary? Something like “Love” or “Happily Ever After” would be too corny though.






Under consideration:


Funny story about apes

I thought I might owe the occasional stray reader an explanation on the Apes, but the story sounded funnier in my head than on writing.

It suffices to say that A and I share an affinity with the Planet of the Apes series, yet even though it is the Year of the Monkey, I draw the line at a jungle themed reception. I am also not too fond about placing an ape topper on the w cake.

We have a slight obsession with the cake shows on the TLC channel, TLC being the best thing that has happened to me since we got cable in our home. In one of the episodes, a couple commissioned a cake with a scaled replica model of the Tradis as the topper. Another decided that a dinosaur themed cake was in order as their reception was being held at the American Museum of Natural History. Each cake came up to a few thousands of dollars, a point which slipped my mind when we decided to drop by a cake shop a few weekends ago.

(I realised I have digressed from telling the ape story, but I really wasn’t planning to share it anyway)

We were at Tiong Bahru that weekend morning with some time to spare, so A and I swung by M** ***** *****. I had stumbled across the name during one of my innumerable Google searches, and the pictures looked tempting enough to warrant a physical visit to the shop.

The shop front was indeed impressive and very Instagram-worthy. One of the chefs greeted and entertained us for a short while. We understood the following from him:

  1. They are really famous. Celebrities drop by from time to time, even non-local ones!
  2. They are really expensive. He gave us a ballpark figure of $22/pax. If I wanted to feed 100 people, that would amount to a whooping $2,200!

Needless to say we were obviously way out of our league! There’s just no way we can justify a slice of cake costing that much, so we very gladly crossed them off our list. We’ll stick to something closer to our comfort level budget, so P*** G***** is next on our list.

Apparently I’m supposed to start writing again

After a failed attempt at creating and documenting a “renovation” blog, A has once again beseeched me to start a W blog of some sorts.

And while I find the the whole W affair tedious, insipid and a general waste of time (and money), I have grudgingly made a pact with A to at least try to make something positive out of it, so here I am once again, venturing into the wondrous world of WordPress and rich text editor.

I will try to keep the complaints to a minimum.