It has been two weeks since we confirmed our reception date, it sounds like a good time to see where we are at now in terms of planning.

Reception Venue and Related

  • Venue
  • Cake
  • Invitation Cards
  • Favours
  • Decorations


  • Gown
  • Shoes
  • Make Up

Chinese Things

  • Dowry, Betrothal and Bed Package
  • Cakes
  • 四点金
  • Miscellaneous


  • Photography
  • Car Rental
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Miscellaneous

Note: I have also struck off items that are still in discussion with the vendor.

Not bad for two weeks worth of work. The rest of the items should be completed within the next two weeks, which means it really only takes a month to plan a w! Whoever said it cannot be done?




One good habit that every lady should inculcate is recording down her menstrual cycle. Being able to predict when your next cycle is going to be is crucial in preventing embarrassing situations. A cycle starts on the day your period comes, and ends on the day before your next period. That is, if you started spotting on 1 January, and then again on 1 February, you have a 28 days cycle with 1 January being the 1st day. Easy enough, right?

I had some time just now,  so I compiled my periodic activities (geddit?) from May 2015 till now. Without further ado, I present to you:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.41.24 PM.png

Which really is just an infographic of my spotting days:


Red represents, well, I’m sure you know what red represents.

Anyway, based on the above chart, you can see that my cycle was at a moderate level of 28ish days from May to August 2015, then from September till December 2015, it shot up to 32ish days. Anything above 30 is pretty rare for me, and I attribute it to the renovation activities that went on throughout the fourth quarter of last year.

Starting from January this year, my period has reverted to its 28ish days cycle, which is sort of good news as it means my bodily functions have returned to normal, but as I extrapolated the data further into the year, I realised something absolutely terrible:


This post will come to an abrupt end as I’m heading out to buy pineapples now.

Effortless Effort

This conversation transpired when I asked A to look through the portfolios of some Make Up Artists:

A: She looks like she’s not wearing any make up!

Me: That’s how it’s supposed to look like! It’s natural make up, it’s the in thing now!

A: Why would you pay to look like you’re not wearing any make up?!

Me: You know how some people look like they just left home looking effortlessly good, but the fact is they spent 2 hours to achieve the effortless look?

A: What?!

Me: It’s like you want to tell people you don’t care about how you look, but the truth is it took more effort to achieve that look, than to just do a regular grooming.

A: …

Most human behaviours are lost on A.

Internet Anonymity

For privacy’s sake, I prefer to remain as anonymous as possible on the internet, and by virtue of inclusion, on this WordPress space.

I believe that digital footprints are next to impossible to eradicate totally. We are living in a world where cyber crimes are steadily on the rise; anyone with the right tools and convictions can easily build up a portfolio of you and use that information for less than virtuous reasons. Every site you surf, every search you make, every byte of data you transfer over the vast and still largely untapped and unknown world wide web can very well be meticulously documented and analysed by someone at this very moment!

I deplore the younger generation’s need to post every damn thing on social media, and I implore them to explore the notion of “less is more”.

That being said, I acknowledge that the occasional stray reader may want to put a face to the writer behind these trivial drivel; to assuage my fears of being the next target of a Nigerian scam or a scapegoat of a cyber heist, my sister has ingeniously suggested that I simply omit the unique points of reference that may be used for any sort of identification.

Hence, I present to you a lovely photo of A and me:


Cornelius and Zira


A belated introduction is in order. The resident writer is Zira of course, and her husband Cornelius (or more commonly known as A). They met on a planet not unlike this one; a year and a half later they were married à la treadmill fashion at the R of M, complete with tacky decorations, a clinicesque queue system, automated sliding doors, a stolid Justice of the Peace and set vows: Singapore’s efficiency at its best.

(The above is by no means a lament at the seemingly lacklustre unification of the two protagonists, but an honest appreciation for the considerably convenient process for which the government has provisioned, tailored specially for couples who simply want to get hitched. At a mere S$26 and with very few red tapes to cut through, getting married in Singapore is in fact one of the most fuss-free experiences one may enjoy!)

Alas, the couple’s dreams of “getting it over and done with” were short lived, and under the tremendous pressure of society’s hackneyed expectations of how a proper marriage should be ushered in, they now have to plan a minimalist minimal w in under 128 days.

For all intents and purposes, Cornelius and Zira consider themselves married and thus refer to each other as husband and wife; they cringe when the ill-informed address them as fiancé/fiancée, or worse, boyfriend/girlfriend.



It occurred to me that our marital home is still quite bare, as it is there’s barely anything for our would be photographer to capture. Space Monkey will be a good addition to the family, I’m thinking on A’s night table. The width of the table is 51 cm, so I should get the 13″ x 18″ print.

Some other prints that I like too:


This will go nicely on the slab of wall between the dining area and the study.


I’m thinking above the TV.


This too. But I’m not sure how the arrangement will be like above the TV. Should we mount them directly on the wall? Should we mount a thin ledge instead, and then place the prints on the ledge? Decisions, decisions.


Somehow hanging a world map in your home makes you seem more worldly. This goes into the study, of course.

Naked Cakes

This space is in dire need of some pictures. Here are some designs that I quite like; apparently the naked cake design is on trend right now, but a level of skill is required to achieve the desired effect. Some of the designs look as if 1) the chef started off with the intention of fully coating the cake, but ran out of cream towards the end; or 2) the chef forgot to prepare the cream coating, and decided to just leave the layers bare (here I’m just using layman terms; obviously I do not bake).

The classic fully coated cake is fine too I guess. I’m not particular. But flowers are a must(!). And pearl like beadings on the sides are bad. Also is a cake topper necessary? Something like “Love” or “Happily Ever After” would be too corny though.






Under consideration: