Wasn’t feeling well, so A washed the dishes after dinner. Later at night, I dreamt that I discovered all the dishes were not cleaned properly.

I have little faith in A’s cleaning skills, even in my dreams!


Forehead bumps, and how to get rid of them

About 2 years back my forehead started breaking out in the form of tiny colourless bumps. They were obvious under sunlight and felt gross to the touch. Prior to this, I never had break out issues barring the occasional zit during my periods.

At that time my sister was visiting a beautician regularly for her skin issues, so I went along hoping that the sessions would eradicate those bumps forever. The beautician attributed the growth to “hormonal changes”, and prescribed Dermalogica products to combat it.

2 years later, the bumps were not lessening and they were making me very unhappy! So I took to the internet and did my own research. The bumps are in fact closed comedones, or white heads, a type of acne that forms when dirt gets trapped in the pores. Since this problem only started after A and I started dating, I surmised that him kissing my forehead was part of the problem. So I banned him from doing so for a period of time.

Then, acne.org forums introduced two miraculous products that I now swear by with my life: Nizoral and Benzac. Nizoral is an anti dandruff shampoo that contains Ketoconazole, used to treat fungal infections. People have reported that while using Nizoral to treat their dandruff problems, they realised that it also cured their acne incidentally! Benzac is already well known for it’s acne treatment properties, and armed with this new information, I went to the local pharmacy to purchase both items. A 100ml bottle of Nizoral costs about $25, while a tube of Benzac 2.5% is about $15.

It’s been 3 months since my experiment started, I am pleased to inform that 1) the bumps on my forehead are gone and 2) my mild dandruff problem is gone too! I haven’t felt so relieved in 2 years, and for that I have to thank the Internet Gods for bringing such precious information to me. The downside though is that when I lapse in my Nizoral + Benzac routine, the bumps reappear. It is apparent that I have not addressed the underlying causes for these whiteheads, but for now I am contented with keeping the situation under control.

How to get rid of those pesky bumps on your face:

  1. In the shower, wash your face with your regular cleanser. I use First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser Daily Treatment with FAB Antioxidant Booster.
  2. After washing, pour a tiny amount of Nizoral on your palm. Using your fingers on the other hand, dab the Nizoral on affected areas on your face.
  3. Close your eyes and wait for 3-5 minutes. Wash off the Nizoral.
  4. After shower, follow through with your regular skincare routine. Then, apply Benzac on affected areas of your face.

Poor Ted :(

“Lyin’ Ted!”

“America is a better country -” “Without you.”

“And a question that everyone should ask -” “Are you Canadian?”

If only Singapore elections were as exciting! The only time we can jeer at our million dollar politicians is when they are playing a charity football match against some other international football team on a $2,000,000 patch of grass that just doesn’t seem to grow.

Damn you photosynthesis!

Penny Dreadful Part 2

Poor Vanessa Ives, she just can’t catch a break! She’s the Gothic Meredith Grey, all dark and twisty and people around her just can’t stop dying! Every season we ask ourselves, what new tortures do the writers have in store for Vanessa Ives? Does she find true love? Does she find happiness? Why yes she does, but her happiness is but fleeting and often shared with a blood sucking demon who is really the Devil’s spawn.

I wish I knew someone who enjoys Gothic stories as much as I do. 😦