We have finally completed an item off our checklist, which is printing of the invitation cards! It has been almost 2 months since our first meeting with the Miraculove ladies at the reception venue’s showcase, and the whole journey has been pretty enjoyable and smooth sailing thanks to their professionalism and efficiency.

We chose Miraculove out of fate actually – my initial choice was P**** T**** P**** after seeing its works in one of the bridal magazines – and had we not attended the showcase we would not have known of the existence of Miraculove! I reached out to them immediately after the showcase because of our impending reception, and their replies were swift. The turnaround time was quick – the time between receiving the first draft and collecting our cards was 2 weeks (we went through four drafts in total).

For reasons I prefer not to disclose (but entirely our fault), we ended up printing the invitation cards for a second time, but Yunnie was especially obliging and helpful with the urgent request.

We are very glad this whole printing thing is over, and I am most pleased that it has been pretty hassle free (safe for the reprint!).