I felt bad about the lack of entertainment for the guests, so I arranged for a 2 hours photobooth session. I am utterly grateful to vendors for taking in my last minute requests, I hate changes so I can imagine how they must feel. :/

Our expenses thus far:

Dinner: Estimated $21,000 before corkage
Cake, Favours, Cards, Flowers: $2,550
Hair and Make Up, Gown and Suit Stuff: $2,600
Chinese Things: $1,700
Photography, Photobooth: $3,200
Car Rental, Hotel Room: $1,000
Angbao Withdrawl: $1,000

This w is going to cost us at least $33,000!

I hate weddings.


Scheduling Part 1

I’ve been filling up the calendar with scheduled activities. The w weekend is turning out to be pretty hectic especially with relatives flying in from everywhere!

On the eve of the eve of the w, we have to:

  1. Pick up BIL from the airport
  2. Pick up SIL and kids from the ferry terminal

I also planned to make a trip to the dentist and another to the waxing parlour.

On the eve of the w, we have to:

  1. Do the 安床 thing in the morning (well technically it doesn’t involve either of us)
  2. Park A’s car at the hotel
  3. Collect the w car
  4. Collect the car decorations and flowers
  5. Pick up MIL’s relatives from the airport

I also planned for a manicure / pedicure session.

Sure it doesn’t seem overwhelming now when everything’s listed out, but I’m sure anything that can go wrong will go wrong for us. We are that unlucky. 😦

Is it Friday yet?

Hey it’s Friday again! I’m aware I’ve missed 3 days worth of posts, but I am not the least bit apologetic! Nothing much happened w wise, so there was not much to update.

On Wednesday, FX and I went for my first dress fitting at V*****’s place. The whole thing happened pretty fast, with V sticking pins everywhere and anywhere. I was terrified of moving about as I didn’t want to become a human pin cushion! In summary there were a couple of alterations she had to do:

  1. Remove the can-can because I felt the skirt was too poufy
  2. Take in some of the chest (I lost weight!)
  3. Take in some of the waist and hips because of the can-can
  4. Shorten the dress length (V had too much faith in my height)
  5. Shorten the train (V thought our reception would be grand. She thought wrong!)
  6. Replace the back zip (V brought this up, I don’t really know what it means but I think she should be making it nicer)

My second fitting is in 10 days’ time! In all honesty I wasn’t that excited about trying on the gown. The whole “magic” of it is lost on me, and I felt more uncomfortable than anything else. Also I was distracted by my ugly and pastey neck area! I need a tan.

We also framed up Monkey and Fishes, lovingly done by the uncle at Jalan Bukit Merah. A and I are expected to engage in a civil war regarding where they should be placed, so stay tuned!

Most of A’s invitation cards are out, but it seems like my mom has not sent out any from the bride’s side! I suspect a mad rush will ensue, and A and I will indubitably be dragged into it.We are meeting the reception venue people next week! I think that’s about all. We haven’t started on the programme. And on the decorations. Holy crap.

It’s Friday, Friday

Gotta get down on Friday!

We haven’t accomplished much this week I think. Our plans to send out invitation cards were shelved because of unforeseen circumstances, and we procrastinated about the actual day programme. I did, however, came up with the Chinese and Bahasa Indonesian guides for the 过大礼; A was supposed to correct the Indonesian text but he has been procrastinating as well.

We bought our pyjamas, although in all honesty they were more of a want than a need. We also bought prints for home decoration, and they are currently en route from Austin, Texas.

The coming week will be a lazy one too, I think we’ll only start panicking when May rolls along!


Here’s a recap on this week’s accomplishments:

  • Printed and collected invitation cards – CHECKED!
  • Placed order for Chinese paraphernalia (sans umbrella and red cloth) – CHECKED!
  • Bought 安床 bedsheets – CHECKED!
  • Started on initial seating plan – CHECKED!

In the coming week, we will:

  • Send out invitation cards
  • Buy pyjamas sets and underwear
  • Start planning the actual day programme!

Can you believe it has only been six weeks since we confirmed our w date? We are too efficient at this!

Is it Friday yet?


Yes it is! So here’s a recap on everything that has happened:

  • Buy b shoes: Checked! ($127.40 from Everbest)
  • Book b car: Checked!
  • Return comments for first draft of invitation cards: Checked!
  • View hotel room and make reservations: Checked!

We actually don’t have much to do for the coming week, besides sorting out the guest list! I love it when we are efficient!

Obligatory Update

My readers are once again irate that I skipped updating yesterday, so here’s a make up post. It’s the end of yet another work week, and in this week we accomplished the following:

  • Received first draft of the invitation cards from M*********
  • Confirmed and paid a deposit for bridal flowers (bouquet, boutonniere, corsages, b car decorations) with H**** F******

I posted the breakdown of our $30,000 budget a few weeks ago, and thanks to the kind vendors we have engaged so far, I managed to shave some costs off! Here’s the newly adjusted budget:

  • Banquet for 150 persons: $18,000 (62.1%)
  • Cakes, Favours, Invitation Cards: $2,000 (old) | $1,800 (new) (6.2%)
  • Clothes, Hair and Make Up: $2,500 (old) | $2,800 (new) (9.7%)
  • Chinese Things like Betrothal and Dowry: $1,000 (3.4%)
  • Flowers, Car Rental, Photography, Hotel Room: $3,700 (old) | $3,500 (new) (12.1%)
  • Miscellaneous (Ang Baos, Decorations, etc): $2,700 (old) | $1,900 (6.6%)

As you can see, Cakes, Favours, Invitation Cards and Flowers, Car Rental, Photography, Hotel Room both went down by $200 each. In contrast, Clothes, Hair and Make Up went up by $300 because of the last minute cheongsam addition. As for miscellaneous costs, I decided to bring it down to $1,900 since I don’t have an idea yet what other stuff we may need to spend on. That brings the new budget to $29,000, and although it is only $1,000 saved, it is still 10% of my Japan Trip Fund! I am very pleased with how things are turning out.

In the coming week, we will:

  • Buy my shoes
  • Confirm the car rental
  • View the hotel room
  • Submit our comments for the first draft of the invitation cards
  • Place a booking for the Chinese paraphernalia