I had a tiny amount of vinegar left in the bottle. (I bought the vinegar to clean windows)

The Internet says vinegar washes towels well, so I dumped the vinegar into the washing machine.

Excuse me while I check on the status of the towels.

Smells good!

Now let’s hope A doesn’t kill me when he reads this.


Is it Friday yet?

Hey it’s Friday again! I’m aware I’ve missed 3 days worth of posts, but I am not the least bit apologetic! Nothing much happened w wise, so there was not much to update.

On Wednesday, FX and I went for my first dress fitting at V*****’s place. The whole thing happened pretty fast, with V sticking pins everywhere and anywhere. I was terrified of moving about as I didn’t want to become a human pin cushion! In summary there were a couple of alterations she had to do:

  1. Remove the can-can because I felt the skirt was too poufy
  2. Take in some of the chest (I lost weight!)
  3. Take in some of the waist and hips because of the can-can
  4. Shorten the dress length (V had too much faith in my height)
  5. Shorten the train (V thought our reception would be grand. She thought wrong!)
  6. Replace the back zip (V brought this up, I don’t really know what it means but I think she should be making it nicer)

My second fitting is in 10 days’ time! In all honesty I wasn’t that excited about trying on the gown. The whole “magic” of it is lost on me, and I felt more uncomfortable than anything else. Also I was distracted by my ugly and pastey neck area! I need a tan.

We also framed up Monkey and Fishes, lovingly done by the uncle at Jalan Bukit Merah. A and I are expected to engage in a civil war regarding where they should be placed, so stay tuned!

Most of A’s invitation cards are out, but it seems like my mom has not sent out any from the bride’s side! I suspect a mad rush will ensue, and A and I will indubitably be dragged into it.We are meeting the reception venue people next week! I think that’s about all. We haven’t started on the programme. And on the decorations. Holy crap.

Essential Oils Part 2

This is a continuation from my previous post.

I went ahead to buy a small diffuser from MUJI after reading some reviews. To be honest I was quite terrified of exploding diffusers after an explosion killed a father of four. It turns out that the deceased was using a catalytic lamp instead of a diffuser, and he was storing litres of less than pure essential oils in his bathroom where the accident occurred. Nonetheless, one can never be too careful.

I was quite skeptical about the line of essential oils that MUJI had to offer, so I didn’t buy any. Instead I found a local company called Wild Products and decided to buy a bottle of lavender and a bottle of lemon to try out. At $20 a bottle, it was much cheaper than buying from more established brands like Young Living and doTERRA.

So my sister and I tested them out last night, in an attempt to improve our sleeping habits. We went to bed before 11, brought down the curtains, turned off all electronic devices, switched off all lights and left the diffuser running on lavender.

This resulted in quality sleep, and I woke up really better than I’ve ever felt for the whole week! The sister also reported feeling awake after she woke up (although that is quite vague; if you’ve woken up then obviously you’re awake, right?) so I think we have found the potent combination for a good night’s sleep!

I am tempted to buy a bottle of YL just for comparison sake, but I am not in a hurry to do so. I think as long as I don’t intend to ingest any of the Wild EOs, running them on diffusers should be fine health wise. In the long run I would like to have at least 2 running in our house, and finally getting rid of all the air fresheners lying around (THEY MULTIPLY LIKE TADPOLES).

Society6 Prints (Update)

Here’s an update on the prints we bought from Society6. First things first, the timeline:

10 April, 10:33PM: Placed order
13 April, 2:30AM: Received notification that items have been shipped via DHL
20 April, 9:25PM: Package arrived in Singapore
22 April, 11:00AM: Received package

Shipping via DHL was a frustrating wait, the package traveled from Texas to Illinois to Frankfurt to Singapore! UO shipment via vPost was so much simpler! All in all it took 12 days to complete, 2 days more than buying from UO.

Anyway, we bought the following items:
1. Above And Beyond by rubbishmonkey Art Print / LARGE 21″ x 28″ 30.00USD
2. balloon fish by vin zzep Art Print / LARGE 21″ x 28″ 49.00USD

Shipping was free so the total was 79USD (110.48 SGD). Product wise, I’m pleased with the quality of the paper and the printing! The monkey print looks menacing enough (a perfect addition to our TV console), and the balloon fish print looks whimsical, deep and meaningful.

Our next step is to get them framed, we’ll probably do it at the uncle shop near my grandmother’s place. I haven’t decided how it should be framed, and whether it should be a full bleed or with mat. And also, metal or wood frame? What thickness and what colour?

More importantly, who’s going to drill the holes required to hang our art pieces?


So I’ve always wanted to make good coffee for A. I am no coffee connoisseur, and neither is A, but he drinks so much caffeine it seems reasonable to at least expect his caffeine to be of a certain quality!

After much research on the internet, it boiled down to two simple manual brewing methods: the Aeropress and the Chemex. A Pinterest picture summarises the pros and cons of each method:


The Chemex seems like a more obvious choice based on ease of use and cleaning, but I get this feeling A will appreciate the Aeropress more. The Aeropress retails at 33.90USD on Amazon, while the 3-Cup Chemex retails at 32.71USD. Aeropress filter replacements are cheaper in the long run.

Besides deciding on the brewing method, I need to get a goose neck kettle. The most highly recommended kettles are the Bona Vita and the Hario, and I am leaning towards the Hario because of the price point and because it looks cuter.

I also need a grinder if we are going to buy freshly roasted beans, and my research tells me that the Hario Slim Grinder is the most value for money grinder. It is manual and it only grinds 100g at a time, but seeing that A is the only coffee drinker at home, it is good enough!

Apparently temperature is key to a good cup of coffee, and what better way to monitor the temperature than to buy a kitchen thermometer? In my search I found out that contactless infra-red thermometers are a real thing, and that blew my mind! Sadly it’s 2 degrees off, so I’ll skip on that. This seems like a better buy.

Last but not least, I’ll need a kitchen scale to measure the weight of stuff going into the coffee. I have no preference for it (although a Hario scale looks tempting), and a quick search on local websites tells me that a digital scale cost less than $50.

So in summary, to brew a cup of joe for A, I’ll need to spend:

Aeropress/ Chemex: 33USD
Kettle: 35USD
Grinder: 22USD
Thermometer: 14USD
Kitchen Scale: 40USD
Total: 144USD, or about 200SGD

Amortising over 2 years that’s 27 cents per day, definitely cheaper than the daily $1.20 at the kopitiam!

Storage space for sheets

I made the mistake of browsing MUJI and Howards online sites. There are so many things I wanna buy!

First and foremost, a box to store our unused sheets. We currently have three sets: one from Cotton On (great colours, linen blend, but not the most comfortable), one pure white from assorted brands found in Robinsons, and another floral set from a random brand found in Robinsons (to be used for 安床). Obviously at any point in time two sets will be kept away, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: I hate it when things are in shapeless bags instead of boxes!

Howards has two amazing products. The first is a slim box with wheels, which is great if we are looking to store under our bed.


However, we are not exactly lacking space and we sort of subscribe to the Fengshui belief that stuff under the bed will cause restless sleep, so until we actually run out of storage space, I doubt we’ll have much need for these kind of boxes.

Howards also has a storage bag which retains a box like shape, and it is perfect for storing sheets!


It has a zipper which prevents dust from entering, and it’s slim too! Absolutely perfect if not for the hefty pricetag of $17.99. MUJI doesn’t carry similar products, which is such a shame. It seems like such a MUJI item.

So I ventured into YouTube realm and found a really cool video explaining how to fold those damned fitted sheets. The solution is basically Origami-like and surprisingly easy, I’ll try it the next time we change our sheets.

I’m not even ashamed to admit that this video blew my mind!

A list of things we would like to buy

It’s a shame we don’t have the practice of gift registries over here. There are a couple of things that A and I would like to own at some point in time, so here’s a list for us to work towards:

  1. 27″ iMac
  2. PlayStation 4
  3. Coffee making set: Aeropress + Hario kettle + weighing scale OR a Nespresso machine
  4. TV soundbar
  5. Blu-ray player
  6. Steam cleaner

The total cost of the above items is about $4,000, give or take $500. We have embraced the evil that is consumerism! We are definitely not retiring at the age of 55. 😦