Hong Kong Noodles

Grabbed a random pack of “Hong Kong Noodles” off the shelf in the cold section of the supermarket, don’t remember how much it cost but it couldn’t have been expensive. I’ve had craving for Swee Choon’s 葱油面 for some time now, but since I am now chained to a 5kg monster, such cravings have to be satiated DIY style.

I followed this recipe exactly and the results were fantastic. The noodles were oily and sweet and onion-y, perfect for a quick lunch. When the sister came over, we paired it with teriyaki salmon and sauteed mushrooms (odd choice, but that’s all I had in the fridge).


Then, I found another recipe for fried noodles and have since cooked it thrice because fried noodles is more efficient than 葱油面 in that I do not need to cook additional dishes. I modified the recipe in the following manner:

For the sauce, I used soy sauce, dark soy sauce, brown sugar and sake. I left out the sriracha as I didn’t have it. Instead, I added chilli padi into the wok.

For the ingredients to be added to the noodles, I experimented with long beans, sliced shiitake mushrooms, egg omelette strips, shabu shabu pork strips and carrot ribbons. The possibilities are endless!

I really like the second recipe, and to my utmost surprise even A gave a nod of approval. This shall be my new go to recipe when I run out of cooking ideas.


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