Yaki Udon Part I

I am obsessed with the frozen Sanuki udon found at Medi Ya and Isetan supermarkets. Prior to this discovery I had been buying dry udon from Fairprice, and the udon always tasted sour. :/ After trying Sanuki udon I never looked back, now it’s mandatory for the freezer to be perpetually stocked with frozen udon.

After bowls after bowls of soup udon, I decided it was time to venture into stir frying again. Just One Cookbook has an easy enough recipe, I had everything besides the Mentsuyu (which I purchased from Cold Storage), so over the weekend I cooked for two (three, if you count the blob growing inside me).

Stir fry noodles is not difficult to cook after all, so I wasn’t surprised that it turned out delicious. Most of the flavouring came from the Mentsuyu, and I think I will be relying on it for many other dishes from now on. I forgot about adding carrots (or maybe subconsciously I chose to ignore it because I still can’t julienne properly), and I basically grabbed anything I could find in the fridge to throw into the pan. The ingredients list is as follows:

  • Sliced pork (marinated with corn flour and sesame oil)
  • Cauliflower
  • White enoki mushrooms
  • Strands of xiao bai cai
  • Crabsticks (diced into tiny bits)
  • Sliced onion
  • Chopped spring onions

Stray observations:

  • Omitting carrot and using white enoki mushrooms meant that my dish looked insipid despite the wonderful taste. I shall make a note to remember the carrot and to use brown enoki mushrooms instead.
  • A gave it a 8/10: -1 for forgetting the carrot and -1 for the oiliness. I’m perplexed by the oiliness though, I used a minimal amount for the stir fry. I suspect the Mentsuyu caused it!
  • When I announced my intention to cook yaki udon, A gave out a very loud groan, “again?!” Why can’t I have a more supportive husband?

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