Stir Fry Black Pepper Pork

Still utterly terrible at meat dishes, so I decided to try a simple black pepper stir fry. The original recipe from Noob Cook is meant for beef, but I substituted with pork instead. My dad cooks his version of black pepper pork quite often, but this recipe is very different from what he does.

Anyway, apparently it was a success because even the MIL complimented it! Her only criticism was that there was not enough vegetables, which is true. I left out the bell peppers because I didn’t have any, and I cut down on the amount of celery because it was my first time cooking celery and I didn’t know how it would turn out! My impression of celery is not good.


Fake Nasi Goreng (1)

I’ve been meaning to try cooking nasi goreng using this recipe. I have all the ingredients (sans pickles) but I do not have the mortar and pestle required to smash some of the ingredients together! So until I decide I am strong enough to lug a mortar pestle set home, I shall make do with my fake nasi goreng recipe (which honestly tastes good enough).

Based on the link above, I omitted the belacan and hence pounding of the garlic + shallots + belacan, and then followed the remaining recipe to a T. What I liked about the recipe is that it asked for equal parts of kecap manis, sambal oelek and fish sauce. It’s idiot proof and easy for me to remember, so I don’t have to dig out the recipe for reference anymore!

Also, I finally found the AAA Sambal Oelek sauce in Giant – none of the Fairprice outlets carried it. I’ve concluded that Giant is better for Malaysian/Indonesian items.

The only additional ingredient I added into the rice was a bowl of mixed peas. Apparently authentic nasi goreng doesn’t contain much ingredients. But the truth is I just didn’t have additional stuff to throw in.