Steamed Egg

I told the MIL that I was going to cook dinner, and she replied that there’s still tofu in the fridge. That’s when I realised I’ve been “cooking” tofu way too often because it is the most idiot proof and least time consuming dish to serve.

So I took it upon myself to try steaming an egg again. My last try failed quite badly because I only had water to mix with the egg. This time I found a packet of chicken stock, so I added the packet to 2 beaten eggs, sieved the mixture a couple of times, and then steamed for 15 minutes.

The results were AMAZING! I had silky smooth steamed eggs with tofu texture and it actually tasted quite good! A was disappointed that there was nothing underneath the egg though – he was expecting minced pork or something. I’ll try that next time. But hey, at least I don’t have to prepare tofu all the time anymore.


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