Potato and Minced Pork Stir Fry

I still can’t cook meat well, but minced pork I can do! Decided on a potato + minced pork combo the other night and religiously followed the recipe from Noob Cook. It turned out pleasantly despite my reservations of fish sauce + soy sauce + dark soy sauce turning the dish salty, but I suppose the cup of water neutralised the saltiness of it.

Funny story about the potatoes: So I have never peeled a potato before. In fact, I have never used a peeler (is that what you call it?) before. Never had a need to, so never bought one and never used one. To my horror I realised I needed to peel the potato before slicing it, so I bought a cheap looking one from the neighbourhood hardware shop.

Upon reaching home I noticed the peeler was in pretty bad shape despite still being in its box, and the complexity of the equipment deterred me from using it without A’s supervision. I remembered that I could peel a ginger using a spoon, so I thought I’d do the same with the potato.

I was so wrong! The first layer came out quite easily, and I thought I was done, but then I realised THERE WAS ONE MORE LAYER and it was impossible to remove without destroying the rest of the potato! I gave up and sliced up the potato, besides, some people do eat potato skin anyway.


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