Steamed cod fish (1)

We finally bought a wok and a steam rack!

With a wok comes new possibilities, so I broke into it by steaming a piece of cod! I followed the recipe here but left some things out:

  • Sauce: I substituted rock sugar with granulated sugar and cooking rice wine with cooking sake. As there wasn’t a need to melt the sugar, I did not heat the sauce up before serving (truth to be told I was just lazy)
  • Garnishing: Was lazy to buy spring onions, so no spring onions

My verdict on steaming in a wok? It is friggin’ easy! Just boil the water, then place the fish dish on top of the rack, let the steam do the magic and viola! The hardest part is estimating the time required for the fish to be cooked thoroughly and not under or overcooking it. I set 5 minutes at first, and then poked the fish to see if it was done. It wasn’t, so I added another 2 minutes. Because of my incessant poking, the fish kinda looked destroyed by the time I served it, but it was good nonetheless!

Stray observations:

  • A said I should buy the metal dish that’s meant for serving fish, like this:

    He has strange ideas.
  • I am in need of a timer. Right now I’m relying on my phone.
  • I would also like a buy a kiapper. I have no idea what it is really called (Clamp? Tong?), but it looks like this:
  • What does it say about me when I have cooking sake but not cooking rice wine in my pantry?

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