Fried Rice (1)

Had leftover rice from the previous night’s dinner, so I refrigerated it (about half a cup) and decided to try making fried rice for breakfast. I have a love-hate relationship with rice because of the carbohydrates, so I tend to skip plain rice whenever possible. Fried rice though, I LOVE. My favourite fried rice has to be the signature dish from Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, topped with tiny crabstick cubes (crabsticks are disgusting in general).

Anyway, my parents gave me a bag of mini bell peppers that has sat in the fridge for the past week because I don’t know what to do with it, so I thought I’d just toss everything into the pan with the rice. It turned out pretty nice despite the lack of ingredients, and I didn’t even have to watch a YouTube video to learn the ways of frying rice!

Here’s my less than scientific recipe:

  1. Heat up the pan with some oil in it. Pour in finely chopped garlic and swirl it around in the oil.
  2. Pour in the rice. Swirl it around the pan. Mix well with the garlic.
  3. Pour in one or two beaten egg(s) on top of the rice. Fold the rice and the eggs together.
  4. Pour in an appropriate amount of soy sauce. Mix well.
  5. Pour in chopped bell peppers. Mix well.
  6. Season with black pepper.

I continued flipping things around in the pan until an appropriate amount of time had passed, then I turned off the gas and plated the rice.I’m feeling very confident now that I know I can’t mess up fried rice! I’ll add meat next time. And maybe tiny crabstick cubes. I need spring onions as well. Also shallots. I am so domesticated now!

Stray observations:

  • After pouring in the beaten egg, the rice got a little clumpy and I was afraid it would turn soggy, but after drizzling in the soy sauce, the rice unclumped itself! Am I using too much egg?

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