(Un)fortunately the banquet package did not include w favours, so we were left to source on our own. I have an aversion towards practical things that are sadly adorned with pictures/ names of the bride and groom, and shot glasses with 喜 on them are hideous and quite frankly sloppy.

We decided on something edible in the end, because then our guests would not be burdened with the guilt of throwing them away if it was not to their liking. Unlike useless mugs, you can share and distribute food! Cookies were the most obvious choice, and given my long history with the folks at APSN, it was only natural to place our order with them.

After a short tasting session, A and I agreed on a mix of chocolate chip cookies and eggless cookies. Initially we settled with 5 pieces a pack, but eventually ended up with 10 pieces a pack because… Well I can’t remember why. 5 just seemed odd. Also at $4/pack of 10 it was extremely reasonable, and besides it was for a good cause.

I bought baker’s twine from my trusted supplier mooseart, printed out gift tags on kraft paper and intended to create something like this:


By the time the cookies arrived, the gift tags were already cut with holes punched in them. The cookies came out fine but alas the original package made my original intention impossible, so after ten minutes of deliberation with the sister, I decided to repackage all the cookies!

So it was another trip to Daiso to buy clear gift bags, and then a long and arduous process to 1) repack the cookies; 2) tie the twine around the neck of the gift bag ala bread packing style (not easy); 3) attach the gift tag. Eventually we managed to finish the repacking in three days, so it wasn’t that time consuming.

Stray observations:

  • Feedback on the cookies were great! Everyone liked them.
  • It was a good move on our part to provide something edible. Some of the guests were hungry while waiting for the banquet to start, so at least they had something to munch on
  • I should have confirmed the packaging design with APSN after we decided on 10 per pack. A laments that the students wasted their time packing our cookies. 😦
  • I can work in BreadTalk packing bread!

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