vPost continues to win Part 2

I’m not sure if the mother is impressed or disconcerted with my little online shopping wins (in particular with the canned pork leg and safebox), but it was enough to tempt her into asking me to buy a dress for her online. Once again the merchant only ships within the United States, so I had to route the package to vPost. The amusing thing is that the warehouse is located Mississippi whereas vPost US is located in Oregon, so the package literally traveled across the country via Fedex!

A breakdown of the timeline:

08/06, 12:30PM: Placed dress order
10/06, 12:00PM: Merchant informed me that package was on its way
16/06, 5:00AM: vPost informed me that package had arrived
16/06, 5:00PM: Made payment for package
20/06, 12:30PM: Received package

I am constantly amazed by vPost, it is hard to imagine that it is run by the same company that oversees our abysmal local post.

If it is of interest to anyone, the item was a lightweight maxi dress and vPost charged me $32.14 for shipping. It was of little interest to me, since the mother was paying for it.


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