ShopBack + Redmart Part 2

This must be our craziest buy yet: we bought a freaking safebox online!

So after 过大礼 we realised we had amassed quite a handful of jewellery and suddenly getting a home safe seemed more of a need than a want.

We went to one of the Home-Fix stores to check out the safeboxes in person. Home-Fix largely carries two popular brands: SentrySafe and Yale. After some comparison, we settled on a model and were almost ready to find a sales assistant when this conversation came up:

“Do you think they will deliver?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s buy and carry home.”

“But it’s so heavy?!”

“If we order online, will they do free delivery?”

“I bet it’s cheaper if we order online!”

That’s when we left Home-Fix and proceeded to check online for cheaper alternatives. Yes, we are pariahs of the society.

Anyway, turns out Redmart carries the exact model that we were looking for! The price listed was exactly the same as in-store, so with free delivery (above $49) it was already more worthwhile buying online.

So let’s do the math again:

  1. Without giving away our safe model, let’s assume the list price is $300
  2. Returning customers at ShopBack are entitled to a 8% cashback on the final amount at checkout ($24)
  3. The DBS Live Fresh Card gives 5% cashback on online purchases ($15)

In total I saved $39, which is 13%! Free delivery also ensures that A doesn’t pull his back before the w, so all in all it was a good deal. I ordered some bottles of beers as well (non alcoholic and alcoholic because A cannot decide which one he is), Redmart actually stocks unique brands that can’t be found at local supermarkets!

I sound like a Redmart spokesperson, but I’m not paid to write any of this (I wish I was) (Redmart doesn’t know I exist). I love free delivery, and I love discounts!

(Sorry Home-Fix)


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