ShopBack + Redmart Part 1

In these past few months I’ve shopped online extensively for various reasons. Recently because of 过大礼 we had to purchase 14 cans of pork leg, so I took to the internet to find the cheapest source of canned pork leg.

The best solution I found was a combination of ShopBack + Redmart + Credit Card rebates. Redmart carries the Narcissus Pork Leg with Mushrooms at $3.95, which is the same as Fairprice. That combined with free delivery for purchases over $30 for new customers was enough to convince me to skip buying at Fairprice, but I went ahead anyway to compute the additional savings:

  1. At 14 cans of $3.95, my purchase came up to be $55.30
  2. First time customers at Redmart are entitled a 10% discount ($5.53)
  3. First time customers at ShopBack are entitled to a 10% cashback on the final amount at checkout ($4.98)
  4. The DBS Live Fresh Card gives 5% cashback on online purchases ($2.49)

So my savings totaled up to be $13, or 23.5%. That’s pretty neat, especially since no one bothers about the ceremonial 过大礼.

Additional thoughts:

  1. I like that Redmart lets me choose my delivery slots, although on the day of delivery the guy called to ask if he could deliver earlier as he was around the neighbourhood. Thankfully the mother-in-law was home to intercept the delivery.
  2. Some of the cans came banged up and didn’t look very presentable for 过大礼, but no one pointed that out so A and I kept mum. I suppose one cannot expect all items to be in perfect condition, and I’m willing to let that slide on the account of my 23.5% in savings.
  3. The DBS Live Fresh Card has some caveats that I am very certain A is not aware of, so for clarity’s sake I shall elucidate here: the 5% cashback is earned only if there’s a minimum spending of $700 in a month, and cashback is capped at $70. It means for any given month (for as long as the promotion runs), you should only spend between $700 and $1,400 in order to maximise the 5% rebate. Don’t you just hate Terms and Conditions?

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