DIY: Hair Lightening!

Sometime back I had my make up trial with J**, she suggested that I get my hair coloured to 1) look younger (jet black hair looks auntie?!) and 2) show off her intricate hair braiding skillz. I have never coloured my hair in my entire life and was resistant to the idea of slapping more chemicals onto my hair, so the sister offered an alternate solution: do-it-yourself hair lightening!

It sounded intriguing and more importantly cost effective, so I set out to do some research on my own as the sister’s instructions were less than scientific, “you mix honey together with conditioner, put it in the fridge to set and then apply on your hair.” I found an improved instruction manual online, along with a simple explanation of how honey contains hydrogen peroxide, the ingredient to bleach hair.

The instruction calls for raw honey, cinnamon, olive oil and conditioner. I bought the first two items from the local supermarket. I had conditioner in the house of course, and for olive oil I used my existing supply of Ginvera olive oil. Total cost: less than $10.

After four tries of this method, I am pleased to inform that my hair has lightened considerably, to the extent that A has started calling me “ah lian”! I cannot show any photos for obvious reasons, but this is definitely something that works, and the good news is that the effect is very much permanent!

I’m going to do this for two more times, and hopefully J** will be satisfied with the results when she next sees me on the actual day.


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