The Necklace

I ruminated long and hard about getting this necklace to disguise my ugly neck when I eventually have to put on the strapless gown. At 155 SGD, it isn’t that expensive considering it is handmade with Swarovski crystals and pearls. However I struggled to decide if it would be rude to decline wearing either of the two necklaces that I’m due to receive from both mothers, and I weighed the possible backlash that the Etsy necklace, unique as it is, is just not as expensive (and hence perceived as not worthy) as the other necklace options that I already have.

In the end I took the plunge anyway because I am excessively concerned about my overtly ugly neck. I played the order with Sarah Walsh Jewellery on 18 May; on 20 May I was informed that the item was shipped, and I received it on 2 June. Total duration was 15 days, way beyond expectations considering 1) the item came from Canada and 2) the Etsy disclaimer stated a production time of 1 to 10 business days.

Anyway, the necklace came in a nice wedding-esque box; the box was lined with soft cotton (the envelope was padded with bubble wrap too); and the necklace was sealed in a ziplock bag (the only way to store jewellery!) before it was slipped into a pink organza bag. The box also came with care instructions, so needless to say I was very impressed and pleased with my purchase.


The pearls look yellowish in the photo, but they really look much better in real life. I think I am liking the necklace a little too much, and once again I am wondering how else can I wear this after the reception. Maybe I will turn it into a family heirloom, and it shall be worn by my daughter, my daughter’s daughter, and my daughter’s daughter’s daughter on their w day.

I’m kidding. They should all just elope and screw the whole w bullshit.


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