The Gown

My loyal readers have been wailing over the lack of updates, so I feel obliged to pen down the latest developments with regards to the w preparation.

I collected the gown about 2 weeks ago. The approximate timeline for the entire construction of the gown is as follows:

Sometime last year: I thought we were going to have a reception, so I went down to Vivian’s (alone!) twice to check out her collection. Dropped the ball since then, but I already knew which gown I wanted should the occasion arise again.
Week 0: Went to Vivian’s again, this time with A and FX in tow. Confirmed on the design, took my measurements, paid up the deposit. Was informed that the gown would be ready in Week 10.
Week 10: First gown fitting. Bodice was a little loose, length was way too long. Removed the can-can. Decided to chop off part of the train too.
Week 11: Second gown fitting. Appliques on the bodice required some adjustment.
Week 12: Third and final gown fitting. Picked out a simple matching veil to go along with the gown. Paid the balance. Carried the gown home.

In total I paid slightly less than $1,100 for a brand new take home piece. I still feel the pinch, but for reasons mentioned in previous posts, this was the sensible thing to do (well if we are being honest, the sensible thing to do is to not have a w at all).

I am obviously too shy to put up a picture of myself in the gown, so here’s one from Vivian’s collection album:


All in all I am very pleased with the quality of the gown, and more importantly how fuss free this entire process was. Special thanks to the perennial chauffeur that is A, and FX and the sister for taking time off to accompany me to my fittings.


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