Poor Ted :(

“Lyin’ Ted!”

“America is a better country -” “Without you.”

“And a question that everyone should ask -” “Are you Canadian?”

If only Singapore elections were as exciting! The only time we can jeer at our million dollar politicians is when they are playing a charity football match against some other international football team on a $2,000,000 patch of grass that just doesn’t seem to grow.

Damn you photosynthesis!


Penny Dreadful Part 2

Poor Vanessa Ives, she just can’t catch a break! She’s the Gothic Meredith Grey, all dark and twisty and people around her just can’t stop dying! Every season we ask ourselves, what new tortures do the writers have in store for Vanessa Ives? Does she find true love? Does she find happiness? Why yes she does, but her happiness is but fleeting and often shared with a blood sucking demon who is really the Devil’s spawn.

I wish I knew someone who enjoys Gothic stories as much as I do. 😦

Scheduling Part 1

I’ve been filling up the calendar with scheduled activities. The w weekend is turning out to be pretty hectic especially with relatives flying in from everywhere!

On the eve of the eve of the w, we have to:

  1. Pick up BIL from the airport
  2. Pick up SIL and kids from the ferry terminal

I also planned to make a trip to the dentist and another to the waxing parlour.

On the eve of the w, we have to:

  1. Do the 安床 thing in the morning (well technically it doesn’t involve either of us)
  2. Park A’s car at the hotel
  3. Collect the w car
  4. Collect the car decorations and flowers
  5. Pick up MIL’s relatives from the airport

I also planned for a manicure / pedicure session.

Sure it doesn’t seem overwhelming now when everything’s listed out, but I’m sure anything that can go wrong will go wrong for us. We are that unlucky. 😦