Society6 Prints (Update)

Here’s an update on the prints we bought from Society6. First things first, the timeline:

10 April, 10:33PM: Placed order
13 April, 2:30AM: Received notification that items have been shipped via DHL
20 April, 9:25PM: Package arrived in Singapore
22 April, 11:00AM: Received package

Shipping via DHL was a frustrating wait, the package traveled from Texas to Illinois to Frankfurt to Singapore! UO shipment via vPost was so much simpler! All in all it took 12 days to complete, 2 days more than buying from UO.

Anyway, we bought the following items:
1. Above And Beyond by rubbishmonkey Art Print / LARGE 21″ x 28″ 30.00USD
2. balloon fish by vin zzep Art Print / LARGE 21″ x 28″ 49.00USD

Shipping was free so the total was 79USD (110.48 SGD). Product wise, I’m pleased with the quality of the paper and the printing! The monkey print looks menacing enough (a perfect addition to our TV console), and the balloon fish print looks whimsical, deep and meaningful.

Our next step is to get them framed, we’ll probably do it at the uncle shop near my grandmother’s place. I haven’t decided how it should be framed, and whether it should be a full bleed or with mat. And also, metal or wood frame? What thickness and what colour?

More importantly, who’s going to drill the holes required to hang our art pieces?


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