So I’ve always wanted to make good coffee for A. I am no coffee connoisseur, and neither is A, but he drinks so much caffeine it seems reasonable to at least expect his caffeine to be of a certain quality!

After much research on the internet, it boiled down to two simple manual brewing methods: the Aeropress and the Chemex. A Pinterest picture summarises the pros and cons of each method:


The Chemex seems like a more obvious choice based on ease of use and cleaning, but I get this feeling A will appreciate the Aeropress more. The Aeropress retails at 33.90USD on Amazon, while the 3-Cup Chemex retails at 32.71USD. Aeropress filter replacements are cheaper in the long run.

Besides deciding on the brewing method, I need to get a goose neck kettle. The most highly recommended kettles are the Bona Vita and the Hario, and I am leaning towards the Hario because of the price point and because it looks cuter.

I also need a grinder if we are going to buy freshly roasted beans, and my research tells me that the Hario Slim Grinder is the most value for money grinder. It is manual and it only grinds 100g at a time, but seeing that A is the only coffee drinker at home, it is good enough!

Apparently temperature is key to a good cup of coffee, and what better way to monitor the temperature than to buy a kitchen thermometer? In my search I found out that contactless infra-red thermometers are a real thing, and that blew my mind! Sadly it’s 2 degrees off, so I’ll skip on that. This seems like a better buy.

Last but not least, I’ll need a kitchen scale to measure the weight of stuff going into the coffee. I have no preference for it (although a Hario scale looks tempting), and a quick search on local websites tells me that a digital scale cost less than $50.

So in summary, to brew a cup of joe for A, I’ll need to spend:

Aeropress/ Chemex: 33USD
Kettle: 35USD
Grinder: 22USD
Thermometer: 14USD
Kitchen Scale: 40USD
Total: 144USD, or about 200SGD

Amortising over 2 years that’s 27 cents per day, definitely cheaper than the daily $1.20 at the kopitiam!


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