Places that have closed down since we started dating

A and I are creatures of habit, we are not keen to explore new places, and when we do we often leave disappointed. Sadly the places – eateries in particular – have been dropping like flies since we started dating more than three years ago. Here’s a list:

  1. Gloria Jean’s Coffee (Plaza Singapura) – cafe
  2. The Cathay Restaurant (The Cathay) – dimsum
  3. Garuda (East Coast Road) – nasi padang
  4. 7th Manna (Tanjong Katong Road) – cafe, but mostly for the cakes (Note: the Facebook page is still functional, so I think they still accept orders)
  5. Medan Town (Tanjong Katong Road) – Indonesian food
  6. The Coffee Club (East Coast Road) – coffee and western food (garlic prawn pasta! 😦 )
  7. Bistro 103 (Pasir Panjang Road) – fusion food

I believe I missed out a few more, maybe A can contribute more to this list.

I was especially distraught to read that Bistro 103 had closed, because it served the best mocha panna cotta in the world! The rest of the eateries hold dear memories for us too, so it has been upsetting to learn about their demise. F&B is not the easiest industry to be in in Singapore. 😦



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