Hair Growth

The first hit on Google tells me that hair grows at a rate of 0.44mm per day. The last time I rebonded my hair was sometime in November 2015, meaning 5 months have passed. That’s 66mm of new hair grown out of my skull, which means my frizzy hair has reached a disgusting length of 6.6cm (this is not true, I just measured and my hair has grown a good length of 10cm)! I would include a picture but it’s gross even for me, so I shall not.

Earlier I wrote about my rebonding conundrum, and I’m proud to say that 4 weeks have passed without me needing to tear my hair out of my skull. I attribute this to switching to Nizoral, an anti-dandruff shampoo. The dandruff has been kept at bay and I no longer feel the itch after just one day of shampoo. The shampoo seems to have anti hair fall properties as well, so I’m interested to get A to try, lest he goes bald before our w day.

So it’s another 6 weeks to my make up trial, and I think I’ll do my rebonding in 4 or 5 weeks for now. Assuming I wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week, that’s at least 10 more washes (and 10 more manual straightening) for me.

Manual straightening is a tedious process, and it involves two steps: firstly, I straighten out my roots, paying special attention to the top of my head and my fringe as this is the most visible portion. Then, I split my hair into two and proceed to curl my hair to give my hair some volume. I know, straightening and then curling? What a waste of time! Alas I was born with frizzy pubic hairlike hair instead of with nice angmoh curls, and after straightening my hair looks too flat like an Egyptian princess’ wig! Hence the labour intensive two steps process.

I actually don’t know why I started out writing this post. I’m running out of things to talk about again.


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