Storage space for sheets

I made the mistake of browsing MUJI and Howards online sites. There are so many things I wanna buy!

First and foremost, a box to store our unused sheets. We currently have three sets: one from Cotton On (great colours, linen blend, but not the most comfortable), one pure white from assorted brands found in Robinsons, and another floral set from a random brand found in Robinsons (to be used for 安床). Obviously at any point in time two sets will be kept away, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: I hate it when things are in shapeless bags instead of boxes!

Howards has two amazing products. The first is a slim box with wheels, which is great if we are looking to store under our bed.


However, we are not exactly lacking space and we sort of subscribe to the Fengshui belief that stuff under the bed will cause restless sleep, so until we actually run out of storage space, I doubt we’ll have much need for these kind of boxes.

Howards also has a storage bag which retains a box like shape, and it is perfect for storing sheets!


It has a zipper which prevents dust from entering, and it’s slim too! Absolutely perfect if not for the hefty pricetag of $17.99. MUJI doesn’t carry similar products, which is such a shame. It seems like such a MUJI item.

So I ventured into YouTube realm and found a really cool video explaining how to fold those damned fitted sheets. The solution is basically Origami-like and surprisingly easy, I’ll try it the next time we change our sheets.

I’m not even ashamed to admit that this video blew my mind!


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