Artificial Flowers

Over the weekend we went to The Verge (formerly known as Tekka Mall) to purchase some artificial flowers to adorn our now empty Crate and Barrel vase. We bought the vase earlier this year to display some stalks of pussy willow for the lunar new year, and it had been left empty ever since the new year was over.

The fifth level of The Verge is home to shops selling artificial flowers and related gardening/planting accessories and decorations. We went straight to Daco as I had previously commissioned two table floral arrangements from the shop. We showed the shop lady a picture of our vase and the exact location where it would be placed, and she recommended pale peonies and deep red magnolias, plus two stalks of foliage to create volume. She also advised us to get some pebbles from the neighbouring shop so as to hold the stalks in place. Total cost for the flowers was $54, and 3 packets of pebbles cost $12.

We went back home and immediately started on the floral arrangement; A was insisting that we didn’t buy enough pebbles, and he was right, our vase was too deep! But I cleverly suggested throwing in two plastic stoppers that were lying around doing nothing, and that created the height and volume necessary for our stalks.

The end results:


I think it looks really good, the deep red gives the house a little touch of elegance. Not bad for $66.


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