Perk by Kate

My bralette from Perk by Kate has arrived! It came in a huge SmartPac box but the actual Perk packaging was much smaller than expected! The ribboned box was only slightly larger than the size of my palm, and I had this temporary mild fear that I had ordered a kid’s singlet instead!

The actual item turned out to be really cute though! It is a bralette so no underwires, which explains why they could squeeze it into such a tiny box. I bought a padded one because I am conservative like that, and I must say the quality of the bralette is really good! It is refreshing to wear something that is light yet provides sufficient security. I don’t know how it will hold up after multiple washes, but for now I’m pretty pleased with my buy. It is also worth mentioning that Perk is run by a Singaporean (although she outsources the manufacturing to Vietnam), so yay for homegrown products.

I’m still short of a bottom, but I’ll fix that quite quickly with a trip to La Senza during one of its sales. If you’re wondering whether there’s a difference buying a $50 bra from more reputable brands like Wacoal vs buying a 3 for $10 set from a neighbourhood shop, the answer is yes. A good set of undergarments helps to frame not just the chest but the body as well; it contours your silhouette nicely and allows your clothes to slip on without awkward bumps or dents. It is especially important for chesty women to have ample support, lest their fronts start sagging after they hit 30.


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