Jewellery Part 2

This is a sequel to a previous post. The ever wonderful, sweet, generous and kind A bought a simple pair of diamond ear studs for me. The pair was to complete the 四点金 set that his mom is supposed to give me, but nonetheless it is an incredibly sweet gesture considering nothing else that I’ve received so far is actually something I like!

I also covet this pearl necklace from Etsy, but I’m not sure if I can pull off pearls, and it seems like a one-off piece of jewellery that I will only wear during the w. The good news is production and shipping takes 3 weeks max, so I have time to consider.

This whole jewellery business also means we are going to end up with a rather expensive collection for our keeps, so it is high time we start looking for a safe box to store these things. An average safe box is about $500, but there are more to consider besides price point. How big should it be? Should it be able to contain A4 papers (and files)? Does it need to be water and/or fire proof? Is fingerprint identification required? Is overriding mechanism required?

I’m writing all these here so that A can mull over which brand and model we get. (He is never going to make a decision, but there’s no harm in hoping!)


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