Essential Oils

A has been buying way too many air fresheners and placing them just about EVERYWHERE in the house. The smell makes me sick and nauseated. I’m sure all these artificial smells are extremely harmful to health in the long run, and this TIME article confirms my suspicions:

But just how “fresh” is air freshener? A study released last week by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) evaluated 14 air fresheners off the shelf of a local Walgreens and found that 12 contained variable amounts of substances called phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates), a group of chemicals that are used to dissolve and carry fragrances, soften plastics and also as sealants and adhesives. Phthalates are commonly found in a variety of products, including cosmetics, paints, nail polish and children’s toys — and have long been at the center of a larger international controversy over their health effects.

Studies involving rat and human subjects have suggested that high exposures to certain kinds of phthalates can cause cancer, developmental and sex-hormone abnormalities (including decreased testosterone and sperm levels and malformed sex organs) in infants, and can affect fertility.

This, on top of the segment we heard on the radio about how caffeine consumption increases the risks of miscarriage, confirms that we will never have kids.

The internet tells me that DIY air fresheners are easy to make, from oil diffusers to potpourri. The common ingredient is essential oils, which if you did not already know, translates to very expensive, the reason being that pure essential oils are highly concentrated, just imagine how many rose petals are used in a 15ml bottle!

I’ve found some local sites selling what they claim are pure essential oils, and I’m quite tempted to buy a bottle of lavender essential oil to try! I’ll most probably do up an oil diffuser with satay sticks and hopefully the lavender will calm A’s nerves, especially when he finds out that we can no longer conceive healthy babies because of his caffeine and fragrance addictions.


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