We have bought our pyjamas! Although at this point in time I’m not sure what we are supposed to do with the pyjamas – do we wear them, and on which day? Are they meant to be given as part of the 过大礼? No matter, because they are adorable!

So according to the lady at The Chinese Wedding Shop, we have to get long sleeved tops and bottoms with pockets (something to do with 世世代代), so we went to our my favourite store MUJI last weekend when MUJI was having a 10% members only sale. A picked out a grey set and I picked out a grey with white polka dots set! I don’t have any pictures and the MUJI online store doesn’t list them, so this post is becoming quite pointless.

Well, we also went to Uniqlo to get our bedroom slippers. A fancied a pair of red striped slippers:


While I bought a floral pair:


Happiness is buying cute pyjamas! I’ve also bought a bralette from Perk by Kate which is expected to arrive sometime this week, so we are left with our inner bottom wear to complete our set! Yahoo!

(All purchases made with the UOB JCB Platinum Card. Enjoy 5% cash rebate when you shop at MUJI and Uniqlo!)


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