Karaage Festival!

Fukuoka has just concluded its karaage festival! RocketNews24 reported that over two dozen karaage restaurants took part in the event to serve up their take on karaage, and there was even karaage ice cream! That’s fried chicken flavoured ice cream! My limited grasp of the Japanese language tells me that the karaage festival is a traveling one, but I am not able to figure out where and when the next event will be held.

I should explain the fascination with karaage. One Sunday afternoon we were channel surfing on the couch, and this Japanese food show popped up on screen. It featured 2 happy go lucky ojiisan driving a lorry around Japan to fix their cravings for whatever food they happened to think of. A portion of the episode was dedicated to finding the best chicken karaage, so they ended up in Nakatsu city of Oita prefecture. After that episode, A could not stop thinking about karrage! Talk about the power of media.

Trip Advisor rates Nakatsu Karaage Moriyama Manda Main Store as the #1 must try restaurant in Nakatsu. The pictures posted by reviewers look tempting enough, and as I’m writing this I’m mentally salivating.

Interestingly, in Hokkaido, fried chicken is called zangi instead. In my Google search, I came across a YouTube channel containing videos of food eaten in and around Hokkaido. I never understood the allure of “eating” videos, but this 2 minutes video on eating zangi is really quite fascinating!

To my pleasant surprise, the channel put up a video of eating in Santouka too!

This is absolutely hilarious, food bloggers should follow suit instead of only posting instagram worthy photos.


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