Honeymoon Rage

I LOATHE the term honeymoon. I don’t know why it’s necessary for couples to take a trip after their w, and when we tell others we have no plans they give us the “are you serious” look. A and I take short trips whenever our work schedules allow (which is not a lot), but even during lull periods we are quite contented just roaming around Singapore.

Anyway it’s been more than a year since we took a trip together and A has chalked up quite a number of miles so we started looking at flights to Japan. That it is soon after our w is merely a coincidence and I will cringe if anyone calls it a honeymoon (although if it means we get free upgrades or complimentary passes then label it away!).

So the objectives are simple: we want to eat ramen and chicken karaage. I know, our dreams are small (and very Singaporean). The problem is the birthplace of ramen is in Asahikawa, Hokkaido and the holy grail of karaage is in Oita, Kyushu. To illustrate the distance:



Obviously we won’t be able to cover both places in a single trip. There are pros and cons for both places, I shall list them:

Air Tickets
To fly into Hokkaido, one has to land in Chitose Airport located in Sapporo. SQ does not have direct flights to Chitose, so a domestic transfer is required at Narita (Tokyo). The total amount spent will be 76.5k miles + 550 SGD, or 100k miles.

The major airport in Kyushu is Fukuoka, and SQ has a direct flight there. Total amount spent will be 76.5k miles.

(Note: We currently have only 69k miles. Sponge has kindly offered to top up the balance required as our w gift, but that is too much to ask from a friend. Is it?)

In general, Hokkaido’s climate is a cooling one with the lowest temperature at -4°C in January and 22°C in August. It is the perfect weather to travel in, something A will greatly appreciate.

In comparison, Kyushu is significantly hotter with the lowest temperature at 7°C in January and 27°C in August.

Things to do
There are things to do in both places that’s for sure, but having been to Hokkaido before, I feel more at ease leading the way there. However, an internet search suggests that Kyushu is pretty fun too! So I suppose this point is moot.

So I think I’ll leave the decision to A, since we are using his miles and he is the picky one when it comes to food and weather. After he decides where we will go, we will decide when we will go. That is another headache altogether.


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