Um. Online Shopping?

I’m running out of things to update since most of the preparations are more or less done, so here’s a frivolous post on online shopping.

I’ve cut down on online shopping in the recent months; blogshops are just not the same anymore save some sites that have gone “premium” (and hence more expensive), and instead I get increasingly disappointed with the quality of blogshop clothes. Also with the rise of income, I’ve become more comfortable with shopping at international brands, and $50 dresses do not scare me as much as they would have 5 years ago.

Anyway, the sister was fretting about having an appropriate dress to wear at the reception. I told her she could just wear the same dress she wore to our elder brother’s w (and to her secondary school prom), but she said that the dress has been “instagrammed to death”. I think that means people will judge her apparent lack of wardrobe, although I don’t think anyone will remember her OOTD from a post 2 years ago? Man, I’m getting too old for this shit. -_-

She tried some out at Forever New, but the finicky her rejected everything (I believe I tried on less gowns than she did dresses). It is no secret that she’s been eyeing a dress from Urban Outfitters, so when there was a 20% off on the site I graciously offered to buy her the dress.


That’s the dress. The model does not have boobs, but she does have nice hair.

But then we found out that shipping was 30USD (!!!). Oh my goodness! Why can’t they open a UO in Singapore! Seeing no way around it, I decided to buy a pair of heels for myself, just to maximise the shipping fees. I settled on a pair of heeled mary janes in tan (the description says rose but as I mentioned previously no one seems to agree on the colour “rose”).


Cute, no? Then the sister lamented that she doesn’t have a pair of shoes to go with the aforementioned dress, so I, being the delightful un-bridezilla that I am, offered to loan her the aforementioned pair of heels. I even did a collage to show her how it would look like:

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.22.07 PM

I am constantly amazed at my creativity.

Then, at check out UO prompted me that the dress could not be shipped to Singapore (!!!). You should have seen the look of defeat on my sister’s face. As she’s unlearned and illiterate, she doesn’t know the existence of VPOST, which I utilised in the end to get the order through. Shipping was now to a local address in Portland so the 30USD shipping fees were waived, meaning I actually didn’t have to buy that pair of heels. Oops.

I’ll probably do an update after VPOST completes the delivery, just because I’m running out of things to write about.


Obligatory Update

My readers are once again irate that I skipped updating yesterday, so here’s a make up post. It’s the end of yet another work week, and in this week we accomplished the following:

  • Received first draft of the invitation cards from M*********
  • Confirmed and paid a deposit for bridal flowers (bouquet, boutonniere, corsages, b car decorations) with H**** F******

I posted the breakdown of our $30,000 budget a few weeks ago, and thanks to the kind vendors we have engaged so far, I managed to shave some costs off! Here’s the newly adjusted budget:

  • Banquet for 150 persons: $18,000 (62.1%)
  • Cakes, Favours, Invitation Cards: $2,000 (old) | $1,800 (new) (6.2%)
  • Clothes, Hair and Make Up: $2,500 (old) | $2,800 (new) (9.7%)
  • Chinese Things like Betrothal and Dowry: $1,000 (3.4%)
  • Flowers, Car Rental, Photography, Hotel Room: $3,700 (old) | $3,500 (new) (12.1%)
  • Miscellaneous (Ang Baos, Decorations, etc): $2,700 (old) | $1,900 (6.6%)

As you can see, Cakes, Favours, Invitation Cards and Flowers, Car Rental, Photography, Hotel Room both went down by $200 each. In contrast, Clothes, Hair and Make Up went up by $300 because of the last minute cheongsam addition. As for miscellaneous costs, I decided to bring it down to $1,900 since I don’t have an idea yet what other stuff we may need to spend on. That brings the new budget to $29,000, and although it is only $1,000 saved, it is still 10% of my Japan Trip Fund! I am very pleased with how things are turning out.

In the coming week, we will:

  • Buy my shoes
  • Confirm the car rental
  • View the hotel room
  • Submit our comments for the first draft of the invitation cards
  • Place a booking for the Chinese paraphernalia



More House Stuff

A reader pointed out that one of my previous posts about paint colours has nothing to do with the w. Au contraire you snotty little disagreeable girl, it has everything to do with the w: the photographer will be taking photos in the house!

Now that we have cleared the air, I continue to show you things I would like to have around the house.

Our living room sofa is currently “floating” in the middle of the living room. If our living room was smaller, we could have flushed it against a wall, but alas our living room is too huge! So while the sofa doesn’t look that out of place, aesthetics wise it is better to have a backing to “anchor” the sofa.

Introducing the sofa console: A decorative kind of table that sits behind the sofa. It is simultaneously beautiful as it is useful.


The problem with our sofa is that it was built quite low, so the average sofa console height of 30″ is too tall for it. I’ve been searching high and low for a piece similar to the picture above, and viola:


Isn’t this absolutely beautiful! I have shown this to A but did not receive a committal response from him, so this is a gentle reminder to him to please approve this purchase.

I predict his response will be along the lines of, “we need a shoe cabinet,” which although out of topic is not entirely unreasonable. The house has gone 3 months without a shoe cabinet, and in view of the number of guests we will be hosting in the months to come, I should really give it high priority.



As some of you may know, my natural hair is frizzy. It wasn’t always like that – I had nice straight hair all the way till I was about 10 or 11, then puberty came and my hair never went straight again.

I lived with very bad hair through secondary and high school. In fact, I had to deal with bad teeth and glasses too. I wasn’t that self-conscious – I believe my fabulously weird personality made up for what I lacked in the looks department – and since money was tight then, I remained that strange dorky girl throughout my teenage years.

After graduating from high school, I found vacation jobs here and there, and was finally able to afford to fix my hair with regular rebonding sessions. I lost the glasses and got contact lenses instead, and my parents generously paid for my dental braces treatment which lasted for about 1.5 years. Finally I wasn’t weird looking again, and in all honesty I prefer my current self to the old dweeb I was.

Sadly, beauty upkeep is an expensive business. A trip to the salon is about $150 and can last me for about 3 to 5 months; contact lenses are $270 for 7 months of use. So on average, I spend about $900 a year just on hair and eyes alone! How did life become so complicated?

Well the reason why I’m writing this is because I’m facing a bit of a conundrum. My last rebonding session was in November 2015. It’s been four months and 3 inches of unruly baby hair has grown out – I am now burdened with the chore of temporarily straightening them out every other day. If I do a session now, it will not last till the w and I will have to arrange for another session again. I also have a hair and make up trial in 2 months’ time and my hair cannot be frizzy during then!

Let me simplify things:

Week 0 (today)
Week 1
Week 2 – Plan A: Rebond 1
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7 – Plan B: Rebond 1
Week 8
Week 9 – Hair and Make Up Trial
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12 – Plan A: Rebond 2
Week 13
Week 14 – D-Day

So, either I go with Plan A (2 sessions) or Plan B (1 session). Plan A makes me uncomfortable because too much chemicals on the head is never a good thing, plus each trip is a painful 5 hours on the chair. I’m leaning towards Plan B, but that means I have to suffer through another 8 weeks of manual straightening!

Why am I still plagued with hair problems well into my 20s, why God, why me?! 😦

Paint job

As some of you may know, the doors in my house look like chocolate bars right now.


I’d like to absorb some of the blame and confess that I chose that paint colour, but in my defence the paint was named “mahogany” and I honestly thought it would turn out to look more woody than chocolatey. 😦

The walls in the baby/guest room are a shade of mint green, we were aiming for a more mint blue shade, but obviously the colour turned out wrong. 😦

(Typing this out makes me sad :()

I thought maybe now is a good time to consider repainting them, but once again we have to decide if we want to try something bold and daring, or just go with the regular off white shade.

I really like this pink door in particular:


But given the current colour scheme of our furniture, I don’t think the pink will go very well. The problem with off white coloured doors though, is that our walls and floors are already very white, so walking down the corridor will feel very much like walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel!

One way to break the white is to introduce a patterned floor runner, like this:


We can also consider adorning the walls with some frames – currently one side has my prized Monet print, the other side is very bare and naked now. I’m still looking through Etsy and Society6 for suitable prints; I’m very tempted to buy a trio of prints, like this:


I really do prefer decorating the house to planning for a w. W are, and forever will be, a chore.


It is not my fault that beautiful and affordable shoes are not available here! I have given myself a budget of $100 for a pair of useless buy-and-throw-away-after-the-event shoes, and $150 for a pair of reusable shoes. Our efforts to locate a suitable pair have been in vain so far, and it is absolutely frustrating!

Here are some designs I like:



I really don’t want to buy a pair of heels online without having tried them on in real life, and besides they are way above budget.

I stumbled upon T** S********’* E** which makes customised shoes, the initial quote for a similar design they did was $230:


Since a customised design is in the $200s range, I am now less inclined to buy a off the shelf design if it’s beyond $200. Still don’t see the need to custom make a pair of heels though, so the shopping journey continues!

Hotel room

It has come to my attention that we may need to reserve a guest room at the hotel after all. I have wanted to avoid this (to save cost, of course) but compelling reasons have been building up:

  • The photographer wants to take some shots of us at the venue before the reception. Assuming cocktails start at 6, the shooting will start at 5. If I have my make up done at home, I have to leave home by 4:30, and I will not see the make up artist again. There’s a high chance my face will melt off sometime between 4:30 and 7 (when the reception starts).
  • I now have a second dress to change into. There isn’t a vanity room at the venue, so I’ll need to change in the washroom. I have a bad feeling about that.
  • There’s no place to put barang barang.
  • I foresee overcrowding and overexcitment at both our houses. For one night I would like some peace and quiet with A.

Apparently I get my own butler, but bat cave not included.