Getting engaged

I’ve reached marriageable age, which means it is the period of engagement and marriage for all my peers. Just today I saw on Facebook 3 separate updates of friends getting engaged, accompanied with a mandatory couple-hugging-with-girl-showing-off-ring-ala-success-baby-style photo.

I’m very pleased that many people are discovering love and deciding to take the plunge into a $300,000 HDB debt and a $50,000 wedding debt, I feel it is important to one’s emotional well being to find a partner to ride out the tough times with.

In terms of timeline though, I find myself greatly disconnected with most of my peers*. Having been legally married and a home owner since last year, I mentally muse to myself, “been there, done that” whenever I see such updates. The need to post anything on social media still perplexes me, and needless to say I think 90% of the people on Facebook do not know that I have crossed the two major milestones of my life.

Not that it matters, though. The truth is there are very few people I want to share good news with. Family is obligatory. Beyond that, there are only a handful: FX, Sponge, I, S and V; all reachable via WhatsApp instantaneously.

I don’t think you can find someone else who treasures privacy as much as I do. 😀

* FX informed me that one of our schoolmates got married, had a kid and is now expecting her second child! Holy smokes!


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