Facial Cleansing

(Again, I am running out of things to write about)

When I hit puberty at the ripe old age of 11, pimples started emerging and I had no choice but to start on a facial cleansing routine as prescribed by my mom. I basically used whatever she was using, and what I didn’t know then is that we all have different skin types and not all facial products are suitable or even beneficial to our skin.

In the course of teenhood and for much of my early 20s, I used whatever that was available in the bathroom. In 10 years I have experimented with Kose, Clinique, Fancl and finally Dermalogica, which was recommended by my sister’s beautician. For the past two years we have religiously used D products, and although the results were not that great, they were still acceptable. And they didn’t come cheap!

A while back I was introduced to the site Beautypedia by Paula’s Choice, it rates beauty and skincare products based on the ingredients used. To my horror, D products were rated the worst (!!!). I don’t understand many of the mambo jambo scientific terms, but apparently D products contain irritants that are harmful to our skin in the long run. I highly suspect that is why our skin got better for the first few months, then worse after the initial effects had already worn off. Unfortunately I had already made my routine bulk purchase of items, so we had no choice but to finish them up.

While we trudged through the last bottles of D, I bought Paula’s Choice’s BHA exfoliant to combat my blackheads 😦 . Then as all the internet knowledge unfolded upon my screen, I joined Sephora as a member and have since bought a few other “highly recommended” facial products. The first purchase was a clay mask from Clinique, followed by a moisturiser with sunscreen (ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN), and then an oil control mask for the sister. After a few weeks of usage, I think we both agree that there have been some improvement to our face!

My enthusiasm to rid my sister of acne extended into the pharmaceutical realm, and at the drugstore I bought Benzac 2.5% and Nizoral 1%. Benzac is God sent and has saved our foreheads from zits and ugly bumps! It is now a crucial step in our daily routine, although I fear our skin may develop immunity towards it. Nizoral is a new buy, and although it is marketed as an anti-dandruff shampoo, many have claimed that its anti-fungal properties actually help to combat acne too.

My latest buy from Sephora is First Aid Beauty’s facial cleanser. It was pricey at $16 for 2 oz before discount, but I am quite excited to try it out! Let’s hope it doesn’t burn off my face. I have a tremendous fear of using new products, which is why I force my sister to draw first blood with every new product.

Skincare is an expensive routine. Sigh. 😦


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