Um. Online Shopping?

I’m running out of things to update since most of the preparations are more or less done, so here’s a frivolous post on online shopping.

I’ve cut down on online shopping in the recent months; blogshops are just not the same anymore save some sites that have gone “premium” (and hence more expensive), and instead I get increasingly disappointed with the quality of blogshop clothes. Also with the rise of income, I’ve become more comfortable with shopping at international brands, and $50 dresses do not scare me as much as they would have 5 years ago.

Anyway, the sister was fretting about having an appropriate dress to wear at the reception. I told her she could just wear the same dress she wore to our elder brother’s w (and to her secondary school prom), but she said that the dress has been “instagrammed to death”. I think that means people will judge her apparent lack of wardrobe, although I don’t think anyone will remember her OOTD from a post 2 years ago? Man, I’m getting too old for this shit. -_-

She tried some out at Forever New, but the finicky her rejected everything (I believe I tried on less gowns than she did dresses). It is no secret that she’s been eyeing a dress from Urban Outfitters, so when there was a 20% off on the site I graciously offered to buy her the dress.


That’s the dress. The model does not have boobs, but she does have nice hair.

But then we found out that shipping was 30USD (!!!). Oh my goodness! Why can’t they open a UO in Singapore! Seeing no way around it, I decided to buy a pair of heels for myself, just to maximise the shipping fees. I settled on a pair of heeled mary janes in tan (the description says rose but as I mentioned previously no one seems to agree on the colour “rose”).


Cute, no? Then the sister lamented that she doesn’t have a pair of shoes to go with the aforementioned dress, so I, being the delightful un-bridezilla that I am, offered to loan her the aforementioned pair of heels. I even did a collage to show her how it would look like:

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.22.07 PM

I am constantly amazed at my creativity.

Then, at check out UO prompted me that the dress could not be shipped to Singapore (!!!). You should have seen the look of defeat on my sister’s face. As she’s unlearned and illiterate, she doesn’t know the existence of VPOST, which I utilised in the end to get the order through. Shipping was now to a local address in Portland so the 30USD shipping fees were waived, meaning I actually didn’t have to buy that pair of heels. Oops.

I’ll probably do an update after VPOST completes the delivery, just because I’m running out of things to write about.


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