Obligatory Update

My readers are once again irate that I skipped updating yesterday, so here’s a make up post. It’s the end of yet another work week, and in this week we accomplished the following:

  • Received first draft of the invitation cards from M*********
  • Confirmed and paid a deposit for bridal flowers (bouquet, boutonniere, corsages, b car decorations) with H**** F******

I posted the breakdown of our $30,000 budget a few weeks ago, and thanks to the kind vendors we have engaged so far, I managed to shave some costs off! Here’s the newly adjusted budget:

  • Banquet for 150 persons: $18,000 (62.1%)
  • Cakes, Favours, Invitation Cards: $2,000 (old) | $1,800 (new) (6.2%)
  • Clothes, Hair and Make Up: $2,500 (old) | $2,800 (new) (9.7%)
  • Chinese Things like Betrothal and Dowry: $1,000 (3.4%)
  • Flowers, Car Rental, Photography, Hotel Room: $3,700 (old) | $3,500 (new) (12.1%)
  • Miscellaneous (Ang Baos, Decorations, etc): $2,700 (old) | $1,900 (6.6%)

As you can see, Cakes, Favours, Invitation Cards and Flowers, Car Rental, Photography, Hotel Room both went down by $200 each. In contrast, Clothes, Hair and Make Up went up by $300 because of the last minute cheongsam addition. As for miscellaneous costs, I decided to bring it down to $1,900 since I don’t have an idea yet what other stuff we may need to spend on. That brings the new budget to $29,000, and although it is only $1,000 saved, it is still 10% of my Japan Trip Fund! I am very pleased with how things are turning out.

In the coming week, we will:

  • Buy my shoes
  • Confirm the car rental
  • View the hotel room
  • Submit our comments for the first draft of the invitation cards
  • Place a booking for the Chinese paraphernalia




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