More House Stuff

A reader pointed out that one of my previous posts about paint colours has nothing to do with the w. Au contraire you snotty little disagreeable girl, it has everything to do with the w: the photographer will be taking photos in the house!

Now that we have cleared the air, I continue to show you things I would like to have around the house.

Our living room sofa is currently “floating” in the middle of the living room. If our living room was smaller, we could have flushed it against a wall, but alas our living room is too huge! So while the sofa doesn’t look that out of place, aesthetics wise it is better to have a backing to “anchor” the sofa.

Introducing the sofa console: A decorative kind of table that sits behind the sofa. It is simultaneously beautiful as it is useful.


The problem with our sofa is that it was built quite low, so the average sofa console height of 30″ is too tall for it. I’ve been searching high and low for a piece similar to the picture above, and viola:


Isn’t this absolutely beautiful! I have shown this to A but did not receive a committal response from him, so this is a gentle reminder to him to please approve this purchase.

I predict his response will be along the lines of, “we need a shoe cabinet,” which although out of topic is not entirely unreasonable. The house has gone 3 months without a shoe cabinet, and in view of the number of guests we will be hosting in the months to come, I should really give it high priority.



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