Hotel room

It has come to my attention that we may need to reserve a guest room at the hotel after all. I have wanted to avoid this (to save cost, of course) but compelling reasons have been building up:

  • The photographer wants to take some shots of us at the venue before the reception. Assuming cocktails start at 6, the shooting will start at 5. If I have my make up done at home, I have to leave home by 4:30, and I will not see the make up artist again. There’s a high chance my face will melt off sometime between 4:30 and 7 (when the reception starts).
  • I now have a second dress to change into. There isn’t a vanity room at the venue, so I’ll need to change in the washroom. I have a bad feeling about that.
  • There’s no place to put barang barang.
  • I foresee overcrowding and overexcitment at both our houses. For one night I would like some peace and quiet with A.

Apparently I get my own butler, but bat cave not included.


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