Flowers (again)

Alas, the quotation from WfDP was too expensive! I was quoted close to $900 for a bouquet, a boutonniere, four wrist corsages and b car decorations!

After much internal deliberation, I narrowed down my requirements to:

  • B bouquet
  • Boutonniere x 2
  • Wrist corsages x 7
  • B car decoration

And I gave myself a budget of $700! I have taken the initiative to approach other florists, so let’s hope for some good news in the coming days.

No post is complete without some knowledge sharing, so let me elucidate the difference between a boutonniere and a corsage. A boutonniere is exclusively worn by men, while the latter is exclusive worn by women.

A boutonniere can only go on one place: the left lapel of a suit. As it’s for men, the design is usually simpler with less bows.

A corsage is a fancier design, it can come in pin form (to be affixed on a female’s attire) or in wrist form like a bracelet. It is usually more decorative, because, you know. Females.

I’ve decided the ladies shall just wear wrist corsages, since 1) I have no idea what everyone’s wearing and it makes good sense to minimise the risk of the flowers clashing with the outfit and 2) I don’t think anyone appreciates a holey blouse after the event.


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