Surprise Post!

Apparently my readers were irate that I skipped last evening’s 9pm post! So here’s a compensation piece.

Another weekend has ended, we accomplished quite a lot this week as well. I shall list:

  • Tailored and collected an additional shirt for A ($80)
  • Placed a deposit for the invitation cards ($385)
  • Made a rash decision to tailor a cheongsam, and placed a deposit for it ($300)
  • Had our cake tasting with PG, made yet another deposit for a 3 tier cake ($310)

So in a short span of 7 days, we spent $1,075 of which only $80 has materialised in the form of physical goods. A and I had this joke during our renovation that we were always paying for things that we couldn’t see, this is history repeating itself again.

We are now left with the flowers, car rental, hotel room and favours. We will finish them by next week!


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