Gifts in kind

Am I the only one who dislikes receiving gifts? I find it a chore receiving them, and then having to find storage space for them. Most of the time the giver has no clue what you really want; and for you to dictate a gift registry of some sorts, well, it’s just not in our Asian culture to do such a thing. If not giving is not an option, then I would rather the gifts come in the form of cash, like in a red packet. I know it sounds terribly money minded but it really is the most efficient to give something that is 1) practical, 2) useful and 3) never enough.

But really, I like it most when people come together with no expectations on what they should be giving or receiving. We waste too much time guessing whether something is “good enough” or “sufficient” or “of market rate”, and attending celebrations has become more of a burden than anything else. The worst thing of all is everyone is scrambling for something to gift just because it is a “tradition” or “custom”, neither which I care for at all.

I feel it necessary to include on the invitation card something along the lines of “gift us only with the honour of your presence”, but that goes against invitation card etiquette! I suppose we will casually drop the note to our guests, something I that I need to enlist A’s help with. The last thing we want is our guests fretting over something that is quite frankly immaterial to us.

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