In deciding the kind of favours we wanted to give the guests, we put ourselves in their shoes and considered the hard truth that we absolutely did not want to receive a meaningless gift with the faces of the couple tattooed on it. Eventually we decided on cookies, because nobody (with the exception of A) hates cookies and we managed to turn it into a good cause by engaging A***’s bakery team.

Now that the vendors are settled, it is time to fret about packaging. There are really just three options to consider:

1. A tag on the side

2. A typical store item tag

3. A sticker on the front

We also need to consider how we want to display the favours. There are typically two ways:

  1. Distribute the favours by placing them at each seat before the reception starts; the downside is that it takes up space on the table
  2. Set up a booth at the reception table towards the end of the dinner, and have the guests pick them up as they file out; the downside is that some people may miss collecting the favour, especially if they leave early

We’ll probably go with the second option, but now I’m wondering how the display at the reception table will look like. Must I allocate someone to constantly top up the stock, or should I display all 150 of the favours on the table? Will my table be large enough?

Oh I have to mention, A surprised me when he proclaimed that he liked one of the cookie flavours. Like, like like. And I thought there were no more surprises between us anymore!


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