I met with one of the ladies, M,  from W********* for D******* P******* last week, and she was hands down one of the sweetest persons I have ever met in my life! I highly suspect plants secrete huge amounts of pheromones, because I have yet to meet a cross or disagreeable florist!

While M is doing up a tentative quotation based on my very bare and unimaginative requirements, I thought I’d share some floral arrangements that I really like.


One can never go wrong with pale colours. I like how the dark anemone centres and blueberry like bits provide some contrast.


This has equal amounts of foliage and pales which I approve of. I like exposed stems, they embody the “looks effortless but took a lot of effort to assemble” idea and gives the impression that you just spontaneously plucked a bunch of wild flowers from your backyard.


Baby’s breath is a staple for rustic themed weddings nowadays, which is why I didn’t opt for them. I like them in small quantities – in a huge bunch they just look like a giant cauliflower.

So during my tête-à-tête with the lovely lady M, she expanded my horizon to beyond roses and sunflowers, and since this is an educational space, I shall share my newfound knowledge as well.


This leaf is awesomely named dusty miller. They looked so good I was sure they were artificial! It’s a nice departure from the usual deep greens like hydrangeas and bells of Ireland.


This is the ranunculus flower, and ridonculous name aside, it is breathtakingly beautiful and comes in many different colours! It is a good alternative for overplayed roses.

I profess to having found a new favourite florist (despite not having actually bought anything from M yet), and that makes me guilty for abandoning the equally sweet uncle J. 😦


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