Internet Anonymity

For privacy’s sake, I prefer to remain as anonymous as possible on the internet, and by virtue of inclusion, on this WordPress space.

I believe that digital footprints are next to impossible to eradicate totally. We are living in a world where cyber crimes are steadily on the rise; anyone with the right tools and convictions can easily build up a portfolio of you and use that information for less than virtuous reasons. Every site you surf, every search you make, every byte of data you transfer over the vast and still largely untapped and unknown world wide web can very well be meticulously documented and analysed by someone at this very moment!

I deplore the younger generation’s need to post every damn thing on social media, and I implore them to explore the notion of “less is more”.

That being said, I acknowledge that the occasional stray reader may want to put a face to the writer behind these trivial drivel; to assuage my fears of being the next target of a Nigerian scam or a scapegoat of a cyber heist, my sister has ingeniously suggested that I simply omit the unique points of reference that may be used for any sort of identification.

Hence, I present to you a lovely photo of A and me:



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